DCBX Celebrates the People of Cuba

DCBX CELEBRATES The Music, Culture & Dance of Cuba.

Team DCBX traveled to Cuba in July.  The energy of the Cuban people is truly infectious.  Together with 28 time World Latin Dance Champion and Cuban native Alien Ramirez, they traveled to Holguin, Bayamo, Santiago De Cuba & Guardalavaca.The goal of the trip was to begin planning a Cultural Exchange scheduled for May of 2018.  The people of Cuba have so much to give.  Together with Alien Ramirez, DCBX plans to deliver an incredible journey into the Music, Hearts & Minds of the Cuban people.  The Cultural exchange will bring together the best dancers & creative minds in the world.

Below are some highlights of this amazing journey.

Holguin International Airport


Horse drawn carriages in Bayamo, Cuba

Stormy skies over Parque Cespedes Bayamo, Cuba


Amazing Ropa Vieja                                    Fruit Stand


Asado de Cerdo                                      Fried Plantains w/shrimp, pork & meat

At the Famous Carnival De Santiago on Stage with Cándido Fabré , & 28x Latin Dance Champion Alien Ramirez & her friends from Bayamo.

Cándido Fabré has written thousands of songs & is famous for his improvisation & all night concerts that never cease to amaze his audiences!  He has toured the World celebrating the music of Cuba!

(Note this picture was taken after dancing on stage, doing magic & having Candido stop the concert in front of 15K Cubans to recognize “Americans” Celebrating Cuban Culture.  Ohh & he asked me to do a magic trick for the crowd.  Videos coming soon 😀  

But for now, here are some pictures that capture the Magic!

Cándido Fabré Concert Festival De Santiago Cuba
Cándido Fabré stops concert to recognize Kat & I of DCBX) who are in Cuba Celebrating Cuban Music & Culture 😀
Cándido Fabré asks me to do a magic trick.  I was prepared to show him, but not the 15K Cubanos looking on 😀
I made a Cuban Peso disappear & appear in the shirt ofCándido Fabré He told the crowd “you are gonna have bigger problems Gringo if you rip my Cuban shirt.”
Dancing Salsa on Stage with Cándido Fabré & his band. Carnival Santiago De Cuba
It was 9:45am & Cándido Fabré continued singing.  The concert started at 1am.  In this picture from left to right Lee El Gringuito (DCBX) Junior & his dance partner (Amazing Casino de Rueda dancers from Cuba) Kat (DCBX) Alien Ramirez (28x World Latin Dance Champion from Cuba/Miami)
Amazing dance show with a Professional Company from Holguin.
Cuban Coffee & Toledos “Cuban Mangos   Beach at Guardalavaca
Classic cars at Holguin airport & Guardalvaca
Humble homes somewhere between Bayamo & Santiago De Cuba
Streets of Santiago De Cuba
Traveling to Santiago De Cuba with a lot of Fresh Fruit!

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