DCBX defies the Odds Once Again

DCBXOtherDesign1DCBX is defying the odds once again. They may have started as a dance festival, but have since morphed into a true entrepreneurial event. What sets them apart from every other dance festival? Their willingness to be unique and create new and exciting events that bring together diverse Communities, helping those attendees to better themselves.

DCBX has bitten off a huge project this year combining the arts, technology, entrepreneurship, dance and the culinary world. Although every year they step up their game, 2016 is the first year in history that DCBX brings together the Flavorfest, Film Festival, DCBX Tech Conference and of course, the well known and respected, DC Bachata Congress. Lets find out more about each event below:

DCBX Flavorfest allows you to sample your favorite foods that will give you a last taste of Summer. There will be 15+ food vendors and food trucks! A cultural stage with live music and shows; as well as, a live food demo with celebrity chefs and competitions. This event is FREE FOR ALL, however tasting passes are available.

The DCBX Film Festival will focus on “Global Causes” to connect the vast diverse attendees who want to make a difference. Short films will showcase the top directors around the world.

DCBX Xccelerate will provide workshops, seminars and ticketed events to promote your company. Many of the attendees are accredited investors who have access to businesses and people you need to expand your markets, obtain funding and obtain a qualified management team.

DCBX brings their 8th annual DC Bachata Congress this August 25-29th to the amazing Renaissance Hotel in NW DC. This event proves to out due itself every year, and is showing to truly set the mark this year with a brand new hotel and area. The DC Bachata congress bring thousands of people from all over the world to the heart of the US for an unforgettable weekend of Latin dance culture and fun.

Lee and Katherine Smith’s passion has created an unparalleled experience highlighting the various aspects of the Latin culture; allowing members from all different genres to network together. These types of events are what change the way of the world, one step at a time. They are opening their minds and hearts to show the passion that DCBX can bring to an entire community.

The results of such a grand event…well I guess time will tell, but word is they might just be the next South by Southwest.

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