XccelerateEntrepreneursFinalDIVERSIFY Your Business & Have FUN!

Friday August 25th, 10am-5pm
Renaissance Hotel 999 Ninth St NW DC 20001

*Creative Workshops *Memorable Networking
& a KICK A$$ Evening of Entertainment & Cultural Diversity!

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Xccelerate is a one day event connecting entrepreneurs, small businesses, community and business leaders, local chambers and economic development groups coming together to connect resources. We will be bringing crowd sourcing experts, grant specialists, social media experts, public speaking gurus, government resources, and private financing specialists to offer solutions for all types of startups and small businesses.  The event will also connect budding Entrepreneurs from local Universities in the DC Metro area giving them an opportunity to learn & develop skills needed in an ever changing entrepreneurial world!

Speaking sessions will be 35-45 minutes with opportunities for think tank style opportunities, questions & interactive activities.  Xccelerate is part of DCBX#9 Annual Conference bringing 7,000 + attendees from 50 States & 33 countries to Do, Connect, Be & eXperience.

DCBX is Cultural Collaborators in Dance, Latin Music, Film, Entrepreneurship, Business and food coming together to Do, Connect, Be & eXperience!  This undertaking is a cultural, informative, community affair that will position businesses in front of international and local attendees from 50 States & 33 Countries.

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Date:  Friday  August 25, 2017
Location:  Renaissance Hotel 999 Ninth St NW DC 20001
10am-5pm Educational Sessions & Collaborative Learning
6pm-8pm Lobby Networking + Diversity Event with a Live Latin Band, Performances & More
8pm-4am DCBX Cultural Evening Party Shows & Entertainment 7 Ballrooms of Dancing (Extra Cost)


1st 100 Businesses & Entrepreneurs Free!


Chad RogersFounder, CEO at Lemonlight Media LA/DC   LemonLight.com
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/chadjrogers/
Founder and President of Lemonlight Media, a Los Angeles based video marketing company that guarantees to deliver your message directly to local customers. We work with you to craft the perfect video that represents your product or service. We then distribute your advertisement using sophisticated digital marketing strategies generating thousands of views for your ad. You can view some of our work at http://lemonlightmedia.com/#portfolio.

Amanda Gant – Small Business Lending Officer, DC

Amanda Gant joined LEDC as a Small Busines Lending Officer in January 2017. She previously worked with the non-profit CRDF Global where she developed and organized startup boot camps and virtual mentorship programs to support technology startup entrepreneurs in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Amanda has long had the entrepreneurship bug, selling bracelets on the beach of her hometown of Cocoa Beach, FL since middle school, and it was this experience which inspired her to study international development at Georgetown, with the goal to empower others to realize their dreams by starting their own businesses. Amanda has also researched technology’s role in improving microfinance outreach in Kenya. Amanda holds a master’s degree in International Public Policy and a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Karina Mendoza – Small Business Coach, DC
A University of Southern California graduate, a high school teacher in South Central L.A., a chocolatier and inventory manager in Wisconsin, a small business coach in Washington DC, and currently a CPA student at Syracuse University, Karina Mendoza brings with to LEDC a diverse professional experience that encompasses the many intricate sides of entrepreneurship. Formerly at Crossroads Community Food Network, where she managed the Microenterprise Training Program, assisting entrepreneurs in Maryland start food businesses, Karina is dedicated to assisting marginalized community members increase their financial well-being.


Randall Gafner
The Awaken Creative Potential community is a subscription-based membership group found at www.lessonsfromachair.com for individual and group commentary and support of head, heart and hands combined for a personally meaningful outcome. Within the group we celebrate the mindfulness and spiritual nature of creating your own things, of getting your projects done, of completion of your personal creative projects that you haven’t done for years. Resilience, self-actualization, self-reliance are positive results of focused meditation on creative projects for ourselves or as a gifts for others.We decode life, encourage DIY, support the Maker Movement, and Life Hacking.  Benefits of group are writing, blogging, story-telling, entrepreneurial support to reduce self-judgment and the judgment of others that often blocks creative expression

KatsBioPic260x315Kat “La Gata” Aguilar-Smith
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder of DCBX
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kat-aguilar-smith
Of Peruvian and El Salvadorian descent Kat Aguilar-Smith is a Latina entrepreneur whose experiences have serendipitously positioned her into the entertainment management position she now holds as Chief Operations Officer of the largest Latin dance festival in the World, DCBx.She inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from a very early age by helping her mother run copies to her father as soon as she could walk. Her immigrant parents at that time owned a humble storefront selling artesanias and craft items from Central and South American countries.

Her parents having met in Washington DC while studying at local universities were determined to live the “American Dream.” It wasn’t long before the humble family began other business endeavors to build a long-lasting legacy.Kat showed to be an ambitious young lady at a very early stage. At the age of 14, she had begun planning her future by applying to small part-time office jobs close to her high school. She began working for a prominent law firm at the young age of 14 and a half, the legal age limit to work at that time in Suburban Northern Virginia. She excelled at her part-time gig and by the time she graduated from Bishop Ireton College Prep School she was one of the highest grossing students working and attending school.  Working at the law firm for several years, Kat learned the valuable tool of automated systems and processes and grew close to her detail-oriented employer.

At the age of 20, Kat decided to pursue her true passion in Latin dance. While working now full-time for the law firm, she started to learn and eventually teach Latin dance. Juggling a passion for business and a passion for dance, Kat worked a total of 80 hours a week- 40 hours at her full-time position Monday through Friday and another 40 hours a week teaching dance during the week and full 12 hour days on the weekend. She was persistently focused and driven.Soon after, Kat obtained a position at one of the Nation’s Largest artist management and representation firms while attending George Mason University. She worked closely with the legal and human resources departments and personalities such as Michael Phelps, Mia Hamm, Chris Paul and Susan G. Komen and many others while getting her first glimpse at the entertainment business world.  She was later recruited by a prominent family development company as the second-hand to the EVP of the company. The development company owned over 56 acres of multi-use development including retail, apartments, and office space.

Today, Kat sits on the executive board of the DCBx as Chief Operation Officer. She is married to her entrepreneurial husband, Lee “El” Gringuito Smith Jr. Her adventurous spirit as an entrepreneur is fueled by her dual passion for dance and business. Together they have performed & taught Latin Dance in over 500 cities around the World, teaching more people to dance Bachata than anyone in North America. They have produced Latin & Diversity events for major companies like Microsoft, IBM, ALPHA, GWHCC, Telemundo & Morgan Stanley.Current projects include DanceEgg.com, revolutionizing the online industry; and DCBC Event Productions, a consulting company on event management. Kat is passionate in helping Latinas realize they can do and accomplish whatever they want and her online learning series is set to launch in 2016.

LeeLee “El Gringuito” Smith Jr
Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder DCBX
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/gringuito/

Born in Brooklyn New York, in 1981, Lee Edward Smith Jr was always an entertainer at heart. Family members recall that he would perform dancing and singing shows to entertain them. At the age of eight, he saw his first Broadway musical, Cats. For weeks, his family had to sit through his eight-year-old rendition of the show. Actually he was probably part of the reason they closed the show. But he took his creative talents and at age ten began singing with the Famed Singing Boys of Pennsylvania Choir.

After two years of touring throughout the East Coast, he became interested in magic after his Aunt Emily took him to Tannen’s Magic Shop in New York City. After performing his first magic show at the age of twelve, his tunes turned to the art of magic. He finished High School with honors and continued to share his talents. He put on a production raising over $3,200 for a student who had leukemia. Lee, also worked with such organizations as Big Brothers, Growing Hope and Joey’s Eagles, always willing to donated his time. This gained him the George Mason Univ. Service of the Year Award as a Freshman.

In addition to this, Lee pursued his quest to be on the top College Speech Team at George Mason University. After two years on the team he became an award winning author and winner of over a hundred awards and is a two-time district champion and quarter finalist at the National Collegiate Level of Competition. That day that changed his life was when he walked into his first formal dance class, “World Dance 120.” There he learned Salsa from his first dance instructor Jim Lepore. After completing formal training through George Mason Universities intensive Salsa training program, originating in Santiago, Cuba.Lee ha studied dance from leading dancers in LA, NYC and DC. He has traveled and worked with dances in the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. He graduated from George Mason in 2003 with a degree in International Politics and a minor in Legal Studies.

From 2005 to 2007 he shot episodes for Ambush Makeover, Fox Television, NBC, ABC Univision, America’s Got Talent and Univision. Millions of people saw him teaching Latin dancing on Fox Television’s Ambush Makeover. He was nominated as Salsa Instructor of the year and has taught more people to dance Bachata in the United States then anyone in the history of the dance. He has won Instructor & Promoter of the year in the DC Metro area countless times.

From 2008 to present Lee El Gringuito and his amazing wife Kat La Gata Smith have started the World’s Largest Bachata Festival aka DCBx with over 5000 attendees from 48 States & 29 countries who attend annually. The event combines Latin dancing, music, film & entreprenaurial workshops a first in the industry. They were recently ranked as the 3rd Most Influential people in the Bachata scene in the World by DancePlanetDaily. They have also created the world’s 1st Dance New Year’s Eve aka DC Ultimate NYE with over 1800 plus attendees. Over the past twelve years they have started over 30+ Latin nights in the DC Metro area.

As true Entertainment Entrepreneur he has expanded his horizons & started many successful start ups within the Dance & Entertainment World including DCBC Event Productions, Appszing Mobile Marketing & others. He has produced events for major companies like Microsoft, IBM, ALPHA, GWHCC, Telemundo & Morgan Stanley. He has over 6 Instructional DVDs on the market, has started over 10 Bachata Meet Up groups in cities like Atlanta, Miami, DC, Baltimore, NYC, Richmond, LA & other cities spreading the love of Bachata & Latin Dance & culture! Currently he is working on new projects like DanceEgg.com, revolutionizing the online learning industry & is currently working on a book & online learning series set to launch in 2016.

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